Things I believe

Some people have been posting things they believe, I found their posts really interesting, some are high level, some closer to the metal.

Here are some of my beliefs, they are formulated in statement form, but they should be read more in the way the manifesto for agile software development is read, that is I hold more value in them than the alternatives but it does not mean alternatives do not matter.

  • Computers are just a tool, they do not replace your brain.
  • ↑ Pen and paper never fail to compile, if you are able to write down your ideas without the need of a computer to prove them, you are more likely to be correct.
  • With time everything regresses to average, applies to productivity, quality, performance, etc., you are (should be) fighting mediocrity everyday of your life.
  • Agile is no longer useful or productive and most don’t get it anyways.
  • Internal motivations > external motivations, money is external.
  • Most people are mostly good, with enough time they show their best version of themselves, this does not equal to productive team members though.
  • Nobody cares about (any particular) technology, it only matters in regard to how much it achieves, once you accept this your productivity (and happiness) increases.
  • You should be playing the meta game of life, work is only but a part of this.
  • Simplicity, in life and in software, produces the best results, it is also complex to achieve.
  • Producing code is like painting, quality and beauty are tightly interwoven, hard to quantify but you know it when you see it.
  • There are no absolute truths (including these), constantly challenging what you know leads to enlightenment.

There is obviously a lot to be said about engineering, design and other topics, but this is enough for now, send me an email if you find these interesting.

Munich, 29.04.2020
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